Viami is an initiative of the International Institute for Animal Ethics and Green Destinations.
Viami includes a global portal that helps destinations and businesses worldwide to visualize their “green” quality,  sustainability and compliance to the law on the following fields:

  • Water & Air Quality;
  • Nature & Scenery;
  • Culture & Tradition;
  • Environment & Climate;
  • Nature protection;
  • Treatment of humans and non-human animals;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Food;
  • Waste Management;
  • Sustainability Policy.

We collect data, we analyze data, and we visualize data in different thematic layers, to help destinations and businesses to develop sustainably and directly profit from “going green”. By giving  destinations and businesses different colors for every thematic layer, we show data in a user-friendly way for different purposes and different audiences.

Viami is currently piloting in seven countries.