Devoted to existence, guided by ethics 

We are the world’s first and only interdisciplinary International Institute for Animal Ethics. We help nature, humans and animals live side by side. We do research, we teach, we create, we advise, we review businesses and universities and assess destinations in order to preserve for future generations. We are fueled by love for the world around us and bring change in the best interest of humans and non-human animals.

Our Core Activities

Education & Training

We offer open-enrollment courses to enhance your career, strengthen your professional profile or complete your academic degree. On top of that, we offer courses for professionals and governments.


We review and assess businesses, universities, and destinations on their ethical and sustainable performance. Together we change the lives of animals and human-animal interactions globally.


We are building an independent online platform that features performance on over 200 criteria related to animal welfare. Viami is currently piloting in seven countries.



Animal Courses

Together with our outstanding team of experts we have developed over 50 courses related to animals.


Global Destinations

Are currently mapped in our worldwide animal database. With that, we are building Viami.


Pilot Countries

We are currently working in seven countries to assess animal welfare.

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