“Descartes, Lorentz, Mahler, Freud, and Einstein all settled on the banks of Rapenburg.

We are the International Institute for Animal Ethics. We are devoted to justice and spur coexistence between species on our planet. We do research, we teach, we create, we advise, and we assess businesses and destinations in order to preserve for future generations. We are fueled by love for the world around us and bring change in the best interest of humans and non-human animals.

We are located in the city center of Leiden along the Rapenburg, one of Europe’s most beautiful canals. Leiden facilitates the oldest university in The Netherlands and the first botanical garden. The population of the Rapenburg is described (Enthoven, 2013) as “a gathering of classical academics, research institutes, libraries, museums, law offices and startups within the ICT and the creative industries. They know themselves, each in their own way, grounded into social innovation. They have a responsibility towards human society and experiment with new innovations on the shoulders of giants.”

Our team is fueled by love for our one shared planet and all alive. 

IIAE Staff
Marloes Van de Goor – Founder and President
Alison Hillegeist – Director of Sustainability
Sara Vincentzen Kondrup – Director of Academic Programs
Luc Veráin – Director of Data
Ilana de Haas – Secretary
Danielle Vermeer – Secretary

Danni Meyerson
Carol Kline

Rie Usui
Jamie Brooke
Julia Klintsevich
Brian McCormack
Arden Bull
Adriana Arezza
Doruntina Uka
Inge Mank
Bianka Urbanovská
Evelien Van Doorn
Natasha Figaroa
Aylin Martherus
Marguerite Gevers Deynoot
Roland Williams
José Garcia Monzon
Beata Wertepa

With thanks to past students 

Vittoria di Canzio
Ivar Neelis
Irene Lamme